Aryavart Maritime Institute

ARYAVART MARITIME INSTITUTE PUNJAB (AMI PUNJAB) offers Courses and programs to assist merchant navy aspirants to become merchant mariners and to allow mariners to maintain their credentials or advance in their profession.

Punjab Nautical Institute

PUNJAB NAUTICAL INSTITUTE (PNI) PUNJAB offers an extensive range of offshore training courses, which are NRMC Singapore Approved. Established for over 10 years, we understand the complexities of offshore requirements and Endeavour to continually meet the training needs of our delegates, through industry approvals, experience and offshore knowledge.

Alex Maritime & Technical College

A comprehensive library of training and onboard courses are available from SHIPS EDUCATION, the world's top supplier of competence management solutions and e-learning materials for seafarers. These courses help seafarers comply with regulations and increase their expertise. We have developed into a dynamic website in collaboration with top shipping firms to give a full suite of competence management, training administration, assessment, and training tools that guarantee compliance with and exceeding STCW and IMO standards.

A quick and effective technique to increase awareness and knowledge is through e-learning. To ensure that your crew has the information necessary for their ranks and positions, Ships Education provides a huge library of online learning assessments. Each e-learning module consists of a separate training session and a final exam.

A proficiency in English that is "sufficient to converse with other ships and coast stations and multilingual crews" is required of officers of the Watch. This ambiguous definition emphasises how challenging it is to define precisely what is anticipated. It takes a lot of effort to communicate in a foreign language. It necessitates a variety of abilities and linguistic expertise. Simple language cannot be learned by rote in situations like crises and inspections. A far broader and deeper capacity for successful communication is needed. At Marlins, we provide the crucial information and skills that give sailors the assurance they need to face any circumstance. Fluency and a willingness to keep expanding on information are both products of confidence.


Professional Skill Orientation School for Unemployed Youth
is a program for skill development, time one invests in order to advance their knowledge and prepare for the future, any agile practices one pursues as a passion, and the capacity to execute a work more successfully and on schedule. It is crucial since one's abilities define their capacity to successfully carry out their plans.

India has a lower literacy rate than some of the least developed nations, at roughly 70%, and just 20% of its population is employable. Literacy extends beyond schooling to include skills, which include technical knowledge, occupational skills, transferrable skills, digital skills, and other knowledge and skills necessary for employment and subsistence. Only 25% of the Indian workforce, according to a survey, has participated in a skill development programme, despite the country's need for a larger pool of trained workers.

Recognizing the potential of our young, we must show them our support by providing the instruction, resources, and opportunity they need to pursue their goals. Their zeal, abilities, keen critical awareness of the modern world, and willingness to play a decisive role can all contribute considerably to making the world a better place with the correct guidance.

Aryavart Safety & Security Institute

Aryavart is a safe and secure institute, The global society places a high priority on maritime security due to issues with piracy at sea, illegal immigration, and the smuggling of weapons. Threats from terrorism and environmental disasters are also covered. Maritime safety is a wide concept that covers everything from ship structure to crew professionalism. The best circumstances and tools must always be made available by the shipping firm in order to propel the ship safely at sea.

The protection of vessels from the inside out is referred to as maritime security. Terrorism, piracy, robbery, illicit trafficking in both commodities and people, illegal fishing, and pollution are among the dangers that ships and maritime operations need to be protected from. Keep a close eye on the cargo being put into ships and the stevedores. A crucial component of a ship's security system is knowledge of current issues, such as the many causes of security threats, the detection of dangerous substances, unapproved equipment, and their effects.