About ALEXARYA Corporation International

Alexarya corporation International Co. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company. It is an global business organization. ACI is spread across the globe establishing various ventures with government, private and public. Its Investment and technical presence in countries like:-
  • Singapore
  • Republic of India
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Lao PDR
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Newzealand
  • Fiji
  • Niue
  • Brazil
  • Nigeria
  • UAE
  • Turkey
  • Srilanka
  • Bangladesh

The ACI's presence in the field of

  • Maritime
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Fiji
  • Hospitality
  • International Insurance
  • Mining
  • Energy

And proposed Semi-Conductor Chip manufacturing from year 2023 shows great expertise and a global team with an Investment consortium. The team of specialist in the organisation consists of Entrepreneur, industrialists, economist, lawyers, Educationist and of course investor partners.

We at ACI congratulate to our team for their unstoppable sincere efforts and corporation to make every venture much more successful and profitable.

  • General Education, Maritime, Medical & Professional skill development
  • Health care (Allopathic & Ayurvedic)
  • Ship Ownership, Ship Repair, Ship Building & Ship Management
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar & Bio)
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Management
  • Tourism sector (Hotel & Hospitality)
  • Mining sector
  • Finance sector (International Mutual Fund & Asset Management Company)
  • Media & Entertainment (Television Channel & Production House)