The Alexarya Welfare Foundation (AWF) is one of the top non-governmental organisations in India founded under the auspices of Vision, committed to implementing humanitarian and development programs to alleviate human suffering and fight poverty by collaborating with at-risk communities regardless of faith, caste, gender, or political beliefs. Our goal is to assist the underprivileged and those in need in leading self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyles in friendly neighbourhoods. Accountability, humanitarianism, neutrality and impartiality, inclusion, integrity, and cooperation are the fundamental principles that direct and shape our work.

Social welfare policy, which directs government initiatives to help those in need, is based on the notion that a government has a duty to safeguard its population. The theory states that a society can only flourish if it protects people whose well-being is under danger. Depending on total income, the utility function specification being utilised, and the timing of the loss, an economic loss can have a negative or positive impact on welfare.

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quick and expert reaction to maintenance concerns
  • Owner peace of mind
  • Prompt attention to vacancies leading to greater revenue
  • Quick and knowledgeable management
  • Hands-on management