About ALEXARYA Corporation International

Alexarya corporation International Co. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company. It is an global business organization. ACI is spread across the globe establishing various ventures with government, private and public. Its Investment and technical presence in countries like:-
  • Singapore
  • Republic of India
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Lao PDR
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Newzealand
  • Fiji
  • Niue
  • Brazil
  • Nigeria
  • UAE
  • Turkey
  • Srilanka
  • Bangladesh

The ACI's presence in the field of

  • Maritime
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Fiji
  • Hospitality
  • International Insurance
  • Mining
  • Energy

And proposed Semi-Conductor Chip manufacturing from year 2023 shows great expertise and a global team with an Investment consortium. The team of specialist in the organisation consists of Entrepreneur, industrialists, economist, lawyers, Educationist and of course investor partners.

We at ACI congratulate to our team for their unstoppable sincere efforts and corporation to make every venture much more successful and profitable.

  • General Education, Maritime, Medical & Professional skill development
  • Health care (Allopathic & Ayurvedic)
  • Ship Ownership, Ship Repair, Ship Building & Ship Management
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar & Bio)
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Management
  • Tourism sector (Hotel & Hospitality)
  • Mining sector
  • Finance sector (International Mutual Fund & Asset Management Company)
  • Media & Entertainment (Television Channel & Production House)

Message from CEO of ACI

I firmly believe that a company's capacity to hire committed workers who are knowledgeable in their industries determines whether or not it will succeed. I am fortunate to have such a productive team, and I am sure that when we work together, we will succeed everywhere.

We are in a time of significant transition. Since then, many things have changed in the industry, including the requirements of our clients. One thing that won't change is our dedication to upholding the confidence and belief of our clients in meeting their diverse requirements, including financial, technological, maritime, etc., with high standards of ethical customer service. Over the years, we hope to develop into a reputable industry leader that will help businesses with a sizeable user base accomplish their business goals while also enabling thousands of people to reach their lifestyle goals.

In these challenging times, I am so grateful and happy to have such strong staff and sailors. No matter whether they are working on board, at home, or in the office, we have made it a priority to make sure that their well-being is taken care of.

Our objective has always been clear and unwavering: to build value and spread wealth by bridging economies with the best global logistics solutions while upholding our key principles of openness, care, perseverance, and drive. Our success has been attributed to our unwavering passion for providing excellent customer service, timely and responsible investment in equipment and employees, and our capacity to understand our clients' needs and adapt to meet them.

We constantly keep an eye on the future and strive to run our activities sustainably in a society that places a high priority on the ethical and responsible stewardship of the resources that make up our shared environment.

While many things will change, our principles, which are taught in each and every one of our employees, will remain constant. This will help us keep focused on our objective of excellence in customer satisfaction.

I firmly believe that a company's most valuable resource is its workforce. I have faith in people's strength and in their capacity to break down barriers and achieve success. I firmly believe that when inspired leaders from any particular field get together, nothing less than excellence should be anticipated. The Al Haytham General Contracting team has a wealth of practical knowledge in mining, exploration, and engineering projects.

The organisation also takes pleasure in the fact that we treat each and every one of our employees with real concern and good intentions, as well as our community. To prevent people from having to leave their homes and families in order to look for work in large cities, we work to increase the number of employment opportunities in our community. Families in the province will feel more secure and close to one another as a result.

All of my staff members and my consulting group are resolute and prepared to devote their entire efforts to supplying mines of the highest quality while also establishing well-defined management and timely and punctual delivery. Our tenacity and dedication have earned the company a loyal following of clients and a solid reputation on both the national and international markets.